Bob McKillop
Attitude Adjustment by Bob McKillop
Release Date: November 30, 2017

Attitude Adjustment by Bob McKillop
Produced by Putnam Smith

A woman whose heart and soul define her beauty. A drifter with an aversion to commitments. A heart broken drunk who craves one last hit before he can move on. A husband celebrating a wild and passionate marriage. These are the sharply-drawn characters that inhabit the songs on Attitude Adjustment, Bob McKillop’s second studio album release.

Bob aspires to be a Nashville country songwriter. His songwriting hero is Lori McKenna, and early influences include The Carter Family, Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, and Pure Prairie League. But his left-of-center themes, his surprising lyrical elements, and his quirky sense of humor take him “outside the box” for a traditional country audience. You will enjoy Bob’s fresh lyrics, his addictive melodies, and the fun instrumentation on this four-song album.

These tracks were produced by Putnam Smith, who has earned a well-deserved reputation as a top national folk artist.


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