Miranda Mastera, “Better Dig Two” and “Burning House” (Covers)

Reviewing recordings of hit Country songs by artists who did not make them famous comes down to two factors.

First, can they handle the song and do it justice, when compared to the hit version?

Second, do they add something new, something about themselves, that makes the track their own, and not just an attempt to mimic the hit?

Miranda Mastera scores well on both of these criteria for her covers of “Better Dig Two” by Band Perry, and “Burning House” by Cam (songwriting credits appear below.)

The confidence she displays in her execution of the lyric and the melody suggest long hours in studying and rehearsing the song. Miranda knows these tunes, knows what makes them hits, and she pays tribute to Kimberly Perry, and to Cam, in her delivery. Fans of these songs want to hear the hit, so if she’s going to attempt these songs, she needs to deliver that.

But if that’s all she did, why would anyone want to hear her sing these tunes, when they could pull the hit song up on Spotify or YouTube?

Miranda lays her own interpretation on top of the expected vocal delivery. She’s not just mimicking the chart topping performance. For example, the way she hits the meter of the lyric, the vocal inflections she uses, and her dynamics, bring a softer, more introspective feel to “Better Dig Two”.   It’s not a copy, it’s an interpretation.

She has a note on her ReverbNation page that an EP album is due this spring (2017). I’m looking forward to hearing it, and I hope that Miranda will bring her considerable vocal talent to some original material. I’m betting she’s going to make those new songs shine.

“Better Dig Two” was written by Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally, and Trevor Rosen.

“Burning House” was written by Cam (Cameron Marvel Ochs), Tyler Johnson, and Jeff Bhasker.

Author: Bob McKillop

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