Emily Hackett, “Easy”

I really love simple tracks, recordings that highlight a great song and a great vocal performance, or both. I found one of these gems on Emily Hackett’s ReverbNation site, in her song “Easy”.

The recording starts with a strong steady acoustic strum, and introduces lap steel that sounds like backing vocals. The music puts a frame around Emily’s soft, yet strong vocals, with her subtle southern drawl. She finishes a few lines in this song in a near whisper, evoking introspection and self-doubt, supporting the mood and theme.

Emily’s songwriting craft is highly developed with lyrical and melodic hooks in all the right power positions in the verses and chorus. Her narrator in this song is asking some hard questions of an ex-lover. Why did you wait to leave? Were you surprised by you lies? Why did you have to cheat? Why was it easy to do the wrong thing?

But she’s also questioning herself. Where is the good girl, the one who knew better? Why does the wrong thing always have its way with me?

I loved pretty much everything Hackett has posted on her Reverbnation site, so go check it out. I’m hoping that we hear more from her soon.